Framingham’s Master Plan

Master Plan 2014

In September 2014, The Town of Framingham completed an updated draft of their Master Plan. Click here to view the draft Master Plan.

Master Plan 2012

The Town of Framingham completed the Town’s Master Plan in September 2012. The plan was presented at a Special Town Meeting in October 2012. A Master Plan is a comprehensive long range plan intended to guide growth and development of a community. Framingham’s Master Plan includes chapters entailing Land Use Maps, Goals and Policies, Implementation, Land Use Actions, and New Approaches. Within the chapters, the Master Plan specifically identifies key areas including Transportation and Infrastructure, Healthy Communities, Economic Development, Sustainable Community, Housing, and Open Space and Neighborhoods within the Town. Framingham began their master planning process in 2008. The Master Plan was voted and adopted by the Framingham Planning Board in September 2012.

Although Framingham has experienced plenty of new development, the town continues to experience issues with the physical built environment. Thus, their approach was to develop a land use plan and examine strategies to improve the physical environment in Framingham. Framingham’s Master Plan is innovative in that it incorporates concepts related to healthy communities and complete street design concepts. The Master Plan will set the stage for Town streets to adequately provide safe transportation options for all roadway users, including bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and motorists, and it incorporates principles related to healthy communities.

MetroWest Moves is excited to help spread the word about the updated Master Plan, as it goes hand-in-hand with our complete streets strategy. The Plan emphasizes current trends, goals and implementation of healthy communities and examples of how to achieve complete streets. Concepts in the Master Plan also support MetroWest Moves’ goal to increase walking and biking in Framingham.

Framingham took the initiative to incorporate Complete Street Concepts based on MassDOT’s Complete Street Design Manual and training workshops, in addition to Health Community Concepts. Complete Streets and Healthy Community workshops and meetings helped planners realize the crucial connection between planning and healthy communities. For example, to increase physical activity, people need safe and accessible areas. Development of these areas can be supported by identifying the environmental barriers and facilitators that affect activity levels and designing, constructing, and maintaining environments to help ensure safety and accessibility. Key contributors to the addition of complete street and healthy community concepts in the Master Plan include Planning Board Director John W. Grande, Town Engineer Jeremy Marsette, Associate Program Planner Amanda Loomis, Board of Health Director Ethan Mascoop and former Public Health Nurse Laurie Courtney.

Additionally, the Plan has several appendices of relevance to MetroWest Moves, including Complete Streets, Bicycle Collector Path System and Healthy Communities. The new Master Plan will set the stage for by-law and regulatory level changes in Framingham.

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