Avidia Bank’s Worksite Wellness Initiatives

Avidia-Bank-Of-Massachusetts_1Since 2010, Avidia Bank in Hudson has offered a range of successful worksite wellness initiatives in an effort to support healthy behaviors among their employees. The impetus for these efforts stemmed from wellness rebates offered to participating banks through the Massachusetts Bankers Association health insurance plan. Avidia has used these yearly rebates to support a variety of activities from employee fitness challenges to on-site Weight Watchers classes to assessing stress and cholesterol levels.

Most recently, Avidia has instituted an on-site, coordinated metrics-based wellness initiative called “Banking on Wellness.” The goal of this initiative is to get people to understand important health status indicators and their current health status, such as body mass index (BMI), blood pressure and cholesterol. As an added bonus, if a certain percentage of Avidia’s employees enter their numbers and complete the online health assessment and fitness tracker through their health plan, Avidia will receive a rebate per subscriber. To encourage participation, Avidia is giving $40 to each employee who participates. Tom Doane, Vice President of Human Resources reports that anecdotally, employees who participate are glad they did. Not only are they learning information pertinent to their health, employees are also receiving financial compensation for their efforts.

Through their efforts, Avidia Bank promotes a culture of health and wellbeing at the workplace. While wellness rebates and benefits play a key role in Avidia’s wellness plan, their primary motivation remains the same: to encourage employees to adopt healthy lifestyle to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.