Building a Healthy Northborough began in 2008 thanks to a planning grant from MetroWest Health Foundation. The purpose of initial funding was to conduct an assessment of assets and barriers to implementing environmental policy and system changes to promote healthy eating and active living in Northborough. The assessment included a variety of methods to collect pertinent information including: focus groups; surveys of residents, school food service staff, and principals; and street audits. The information was used to identify implementation strategies.


MetroWest Health Foundation awarded BHN a second grant in 2009, this time to implement environmental policy and system strategies throughout the community, using data collected during the planning grant that same year, the town of Northborough became one of the first communities to participate in Mass in Motion (MiM), a statewide effort led by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

2009 – 2014

With MetroWest Health Foundation support and MiM funding, which was awarded in 2012, BHN greatly expanded our work efforts to include:

    • Healthy food establishment initiative to increase healthy options for individuals eating outside the home
    • Adoption of ¬†policies in the town of Northborough and Northborough schools that support healthy eating and active living
    • Development and support of community gardens
    • Increased awareness of community efforts through traditional and new media efforts

2014 – Present

With new funding from the Mass in Motion Municipal Wellness and Leadership Initiative, Northborough joined MetroWest Moves. Building a Healthy Northborough is now called MetroWest Moves.