Serving and Portion Sizes

Confused about portions, servings, and the difference between them?

A serving size is the amount of food we’re recommended to eat. Nutrition labels tells us how many calories and nutrients are in each serving. It’s important to look for serving sizes on the Nutrition Facts Label to understand how much fat, sugar, calories, and carbohydrates are in each serving we eat or drink.

A portion size, on the other hand, is the amount of food you choose to eat. It can be a big or small portion – it’s your choice.

There may be a different serving size and portion size for the same food. For example, a serving size for cookies may be 1 cookie. Your portion size (how many cookies you actually eat) may be 3 cookies. In this case, your portion size is equal to three serving sizes.

Sometimes it’s easy to take bigger portions than you need. Make sure you’re taking the right portions by checking out

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