Healthy Foods for Your Family

Choose My Plate.govA healthy, balanced diet is made up of:

The USDA MyPlate can help you understand how much you should be eating from each food group.

Limiting foods that have lots of calories, sugar, sodium and fat will also help you eat a healthier diet.

Most of our extra calories come from:

  • food eaten away from home
  • sweet and salty snacks
  • sugar-sweetened drinks
  • large servings of food

Calories from snacks and drinks can cause us to take in more calories than we need, making it hard to reach and stay at a healthy weight. Learn how to choose healthy snacks and healthy drinks.

It’s much easier to eat the right foods when you stock up on the right ingredients. Use these money-saving tips to keep your wallet and stomach full and learn how to reduce the sodium you eat (PDF) pdf format of    Choose Less Sodium Fact Sheet  .

Download a “6 Ways to Eat Better and Move More” booklet or order free copies here.

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