Tips for Parents

Help your child do more physical activity

Getting kids to move more isn’t always easy. Start slowly, and increase the amount of activity a little bit each day. In no time your child will be more active and you will be having more fun as a family.

Below you’ll find tips for parents on getting your kids to be more active.

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Safety Tips for Every Age:

MA Children at Play

MA Children at Play is a program that helps preschool children learn to eat better and move more. Teaching children to eat better and move more early helps them live a healthy lifestyle now and later as adults.

MA Children at Play helps children eat better, by:

  • providing healthy food and snacks all through the day, including colorful fruits and vegetables
  • providing water, low fat or skim milk instead of whole milk or sugary drinks
  • teaching children how to grow, prepare and eat healthy foods
  • offering books, songs and fun food experiences that teach kids how to eat healthy for a lifetime

MA Children at Play helps children move more, by:

  • providing 60 minutes of structured, age-appropriate physical activity each day
  • spending more time being active, and less time in front of the TV or computer screen
  • teaching songs, games and activities that promote learning and active living

Child care providers and centers that use the MA Children at Play program provide information for parents, too. Parents can use the information to keep their kids eating better and moving more at home.

Is MA Children at Play in a child care setting near you? Ask your child’s care provider to get involved with this free program. Get your child eating better and moving more.

Read more about MA Children at Play.

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